Noel Quintela is a Mexican-Spanish photographer based in Paris. 

Born in Mexico City and raised in Galicia, Spain, Noel’s personal work borrows from photographic portraiture, social documentary or landscape.

He develops both commercial in the fashion industry and personal projects.

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Client list includes Kenzo, Chanel, Nike, Zara, ABRA, Miu Miu, Zalando, Axel & Arigato, The Kooples, Printemps or Net-A-Porter.

Numéro France, Esquire Italy, Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly, V Magazine, Vogue Scandinavia, 10 Magazine, Lampoon, INDIE, Numéro Berlin, Vogue Business, EL PAÍS, Odda, CAP 74024, L’Obs.


Noel Quintela (b. México City) is a Mexican-Spanish photo-based artist living and working in Paris. His work explores human and social issues addressing themes of cultural legacy, identity, community or subcultures. His photographic approach has echoes from figurative portraiture, social & fiction documentary , landscape or experimental moving image. Noel is visually inspired by mainstream society and its expression seen through subjects as behaviour, minorities, traditions or city-nature relation.