Mexico born Spanish photographer.

Noel’s work explores subjects like identity, emotions, culture or society usually jumping from fiction to documentary projects.

He develops his unsettling and colourful atmospheres in both, fashion and personal works.


Clients include: V Magazine, Numero Berlin, L’Obs, V Man, Sleek, The Kooples, Le Bon Marché, Zara, Printemps, Indie Magazine, Tank, Nike, ABRA, Metal Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Linder NYC, EL PAIS, Odda Magazine.




He was born in Mexico City and raised in Galicia, Spain, where both cultures began to merge. After having worked in the music industry for several years, in 2016 he decided to change his vocation and jump into photography. He moves to Paris in 2017 to continue his self-taught experience.